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Usage Management

Simplex Mobility provides in-month reporting usage alerts and visibility to wireless administrators, end users and managers to ensure bad usage behaviour is addressed before the bill arrives. Usage alerts can be customized and with Smart Data Allocation, heavy users carry the correct cost for any extra data charges.

Multi Level Reporting

Ensuring costs are approved and allocated correctly can be a time consuming monthly task. Simplex Mobility integrates with your HR system to automate and send branded reports for managers, end users and executives to ensure a clean up to date journal entry statement.

Simplex MyServe multi level reporting, myserve dashboard gif
Management reporting simplex dashboard gif

Management Reporting

Bring visibility within your organization by supplying key reports to your managers to ensure visibility of each of their mobility cost centers.  Be able to dispute charges, suspend lines, change employees cost centers and more all from this unique interactive report.

Individual Reporting

Allow employees to receive their corporate bill each month.  This provides visibility into their usage as well as to how they stack up compared to the average company usage.

Simplex MyServe individual reporting, myserve dashboard gif


Managing the ordering of hardware can be very complex and frustrating. With the Simplex Mobility ordering portal, you can now automate many of these steps and fulfil orders with ease and speed while driving cost and time reduction. All while keeping important historical information available for review in an easy to use dashboard.

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Pricing Options (Bell Customers Only)

Self Service Lite

$2.00/ mo
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    Customizable Data Usage Alerts
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    Data Pool Tracking
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    Individual User Report (SMS + Email)
  • check
    Executive Summary Report
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    HR Feeds
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    MDM Integration

Self Service

$3.00/ mo
Everything included in Lite, plus...
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    Managerial Reporting
  • check
    Hardware Ordering Portal
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    Single-Sign On