Are You Wasting Money on Your Telecom Bills?

Telecommunication expenses are fast becoming one of the biggest challenges facing modern companies. As other, more traditional costs are disappearing, this new expense is perhaps the one that most companies pay the least attention to. After all, your company needs to be mobile, make calls, and use data at all times. One of our core services here at Simplex Mobility is our telecom expense auditing. Are you wasting money on your telecom bills? It’s very likely that you are, and not even aware of it. Below are a few statistics that will make you think twice about your company’s telecom expenses.

There is an 80% error rate in telecom billing

It might come as a surprise, but 4 out of 5 telecom bills have errors. This is sometimes due to the sheer size of the company, or even from telecom companies trying to take advantage of you. Our main strength is our ability to comprehensively audit all of your telecom bills including local, long distance, internet, and other charges. We can review your bills and find the errors that untrained eyes might overlook.

The average Fortune 500 Company processes 15,000 bills a year

According to a major IT analysis firm, the average Fortune 500 Company processes 15,000 telecom-related bills per year. That is a staggering number. Even mid-sized companies can process up to 3,000. That is a lot of paperwork coming through your doors, and chances are your personnel are not equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to tell if you are wasting money on your telecom bills.

Up to 85% of bills are not audited

Most mid-sized companies do not have the personnel it takes to audit all of their bills properly. One study showed that 85% of the bills coming in to a company for telecom expenses were not audited at all, and the ones that were got just a glance. This means that many companies aren’t properly auditing their telecom bills. Also, if you did want to have them audited to save money on your telecom bills, you’d have to spend valuable employee hours on it. That’s why working with a telecom expense management company is so important

The goal of Simplex Mobility is to help its customers save money on their telecom expenses. Most companies are not aware of the money coming in and out, and what they are being charged. These statistics show that most companies are wasting money on their telecom bills, and would save a great deal by getting a professional telecom-expense management company to give them a hand.