Embrace the Future Now: Why mobile is key for your business

The ability to go mobile has granted businesses of the 21st century unprecedented advantages that allow for profits and efficiency far above past benchmarks, but this has come at a price. In order to stay up to date and competitive, your company has to constantly be evolving and upgrading to keep pace with the rapidly-changing world of mobile technology. Your company now needs an efficient mobile network managed by a savvy managed mobility services company to stay in the game. These 3 statistics show why mobility is key for your business.

Increased profitability

Businesses that are mobile-focused outperform their peers across the board. The most striking statistic is profit. Businesses that have gone mobile and embraced this future trend are 26% more profitable than those who haven’t. On top of that, they have 12% greater market value and 9% greater revenue on average. The advantages in efficiency and communication that mobile bring are undeniable, and building your business around this solid foundation is a key for the future.

A bigger audience

80% of internet users use smartphones to search the internet. When you add to it that mobile traffic has topped desktop traffic in many countries around the world, you can see the trend developing. In fact, there may come a time when we stop referring to it as mobile altogether. It will simply just be a connection. Going mobile may bring on the need for an expense management company, but it will give you unprecedented access to customers world-wide.

Decreased costs

Perhaps the most staggering of all statistics is companies that invest in mobility see a 39% decrease in costs. The seamless ease of making payments, processing orders, handling customers and eliminating travel expenses mean nearly 40% of your costs are taken immediately off the top. Taking the time to overhaul your system is worth it.

A fascinating and lucrative future looms in front of us, and the fact that there are 50 billion connected devices in the world already shows us that we are closer to it than you think. Make sure your company is there with a comprehensive mobile network managed by a managed mobility services company. These 3 statistics prove that it is the future of business. Embrace the future now.