Mobile Trends to Watch in 2016

According to a global mobile consumer survey, 2016 will be a very mobile-heavy year.  Mobile devices are increasingly used in many different situations and both consumer and business trends in the upcoming year will reflect that.  The information gathered on how people have been using their phones and tablets is astonishing and thought-provoking to say the least.  It brings to light the habits of people whose preferences and behaviour are changing mobile solutions in today’s fast-evolving marketplace.

Increased Consumer Reliance

Consumers have built a growing reliance on smartphones and tablets over the past few years.  Tablet ownership is up nine percent while the ownership of smartphones is up ten percent.  This might not be surprising, since people are now using their phones in every aspect of their daily lives.  From passive activities like watching TV, or taking public transit, to active activities like having a conversation, eating, or shopping. Mobile devices are experiencing an unprecedented level of use in all facets of daily life – and that’s not even mentioning the professional sphere.

Ubiquitous Wireless Networks

People are always ready to jump on board and support the next tech trend - whether it’s a car with its own wireless internet network, storing your workout information in a cloud, or keeping an eye on your house via a webcam.  Having access to the internet anywhere via multiple pieces of technology that interact with your smartphone is greatly appealing to consumers and will be significant in the coming year.


mPayments, or being able to purchase things from your mobile phone, will be a big trend in the coming year.  Mobile banking is already going strong, with photo cheque-deposits and account management from your smartphone, but mobile devices are even evolving to be their own wallets, allowing you to pay for goods and services directly from your smartphone as opposed to just via an internet browser on it.  This will drastically change the most direct and casual ways we spend money, even possibly dethroning cash and credit purchases in the future.

The mobile world is changing and evolving quickly, which is why it’s important to stay up on top of mobile trends.  For businesses, growing mobile trends will require proper telecom expense management, and that’s where Simplex Mobility comes in. We help with your mobile/telecommunication expense management while you grow your business.