The Value of Leading Industry Experts in Maximizing TEM

Telecom expense management (TEM) is becoming more and more complex as technology improves and networks expand. Companies need to equip large and diverse workforces with mobile devices, data, phone plans, and messaging services, as well as monitor usage and pay bills. This can be daunting, which is why more and more companies outsource their TEM to professional companies dedicated to the craft.

It’s nearly impossible to quantify the value of having industry experts to maximize your TEM, but we want to show you a few of the benefits.

Managing telecom in a dynamic environment

Getting the most out of your telecom expense management solutions is incredibly difficult. There are so many different moving parts, and so many different nodes to touch in each process that a company with little to no expertise in the industry is likely to get overwhelmed or taken advantage of. Companies encounter obstacles such as:

             ●     Billing errors - it’s impossible to stay on top of all bills and navigating complex                      provider agreements or websites is painstaking.

     Inability to get compensation - mistakes are often not compensated fairly. Companies struggle to get what they deserve from providers who have erred.

     Work overload - a large network means invoice overload. Managed services help clean your plate and give you peace of mind.

These are just a few of the difficulties faced by most companies in regards to their TEM.

Leveraging industry experts to maximize TEM

Do you know what the difference is between wholesalers and retailers? The answer is leverage. Having the power of industry experts behind you will keep you safe from most of the dangers that face companies who don’t outsource TEM.

TEM companies use their extensive industry knowledge and power to negotiate favourable deals with providers, often getting large discounts where individual companies couldn’t. They can also help manage all the changes within the network should you have rapid employee turnover or need constant expansion. Aside from this, our industry experts can also provide valuable insight into usage, industry trends, or cost-effective measures to implement in the future.

The end goal of managing your telecom processes, negotiating contracts, and examining data is to make life easier for you and to reduce your telecom spend. Leveraging the power of industry experts from a TEM company is the most effective way to do so, and with help from Simplex Mobility, telecom expense woes can be a thing of the past.