Learn more about some of Simplex Mobility’s most loyal customers and read reviews of our telecommunication expense management services.

At Mixcor Aggregates we’ve been using Simplex Mobility to manage our mobile and cellular accounts since late 2012. Our decision to use their services was due to the combination of clear reporting of cellular & data usage, transparent pricing structure, and their ability to negotiate the right deal for us with the carrier that fit our needs the best. Since then, we’ve seen reduced billing per device because Simplex continuously monitors our usage and billing to ensure we don’t get those “surprise” bills for roaming or data usage. They respond quickly to our inquiries, and follow up to make sure they have provided the information requested. We recommend Simplex as a cost effective service provider for managing any company’s mobility and cellular accounts.

Gary Zeitner
General Manager—Mixcor Aggregates
Santiago Gomez
Manager, IT—Williams Engineering

Over the years, managing mobile costs had become an increasingly difficult and frustrating activity. From strategy, to procurement, and support, Simplex helped us to improve every single area of our mobile service. They are true business partners.

I have managed cell phones at a number of companies over the last 10 years and it has always been one of the most frustrating, complex and time consuming chores on my task list. Simplex have eliminated this pain point and replaced it with a high level of service and a sense of trusted partnership. From helpdesk to procurement to analysis to the business owners, Simplex have demonstrated repeatedly their commitment to customer service and have set a very high standard which few of my other vendors can match. I would (and have) recommended them without hesitation.

Roger Waterhouse
Manager, IT—Aegion Corporation
Lawrence Monks, CMA
Corporate Controller—Canadian North

Simplex Mobility has streamlined our company’s complex cellular and mobility needs. As their customer, we enjoy outstanding customer service, fair pricing, and a high degree of flexibility in choosing the carrier that best meets our needs. Their help desk team manages our support requests quickly and efficiently, and takes all necessary steps to ensure our ongoing satisfaction. Furthermore, their clear and comprehensive usage reporting enables us to better track our cellular and mobility expenses, mitigating unexpected data and roaming charges. Based on the excellent service they have provided us, we are pleased to recommend them.