Procurement Portal

Keep track of devices ordered for each individual, integrates into each carrier to give you accurate pricing and give you the information needed to make informed decisions when ordering hardware.

Carrier integration

We integrate directly in with each carriers pricing allowing companies to easily order from multiple carriers with one system. Now you don't have to swivel chair between different systems to order hardware!

Important notifications

User has broken/lost/replaced multiple devices our system will notify you of this when ordering, so you can identify problem users quickly.

Accessory discounts

Elect to join the "Simplex Accessory Club" and receive a minimum of 25% off on accessories!

Admin power

Admins now have more power then ever, no longer do you have to worry about activating a new line for an employee when you have several on suspension.

Multiple carrier ordering

If your company uses multiple carriers no longer will you need to use multiple ordering portals, our portal integrates with each carrier to ensure ordering hardware is a breeze.