Gain visibility, control mobility spend and empower employees with our intuitive reporting engine.

Simplified reporting

Simplex Portal provides various reports to ensure you always have visibility into all mobility related areas.

Whether you need to see how many Suspension/Cancellation candidates you have or the companies mobility fleet broken down by type of device, all this reporting is directly at your fingertips.

Custom reporting

Any report that you can think of can be achieved within our robust custom reporting module.  Be able to pull up a users text message usage over months and schedule the report to be sent to your VP of Finance every month at the click of a button.

Accounting reports

Accountants and Managers can rejoice, our reporting breaks up each carrier account and allows you to dump it into whichever accounting software your company uses.

Managerial reporting

Our managerial reports showcase to each manager their cost breakdown for their individual cost centers allowing managers to go in and approve or dispute each cost as well. This ensures accuracy and better cost transparency throughout each of the companies cost centers.