More Mobility Trends That Will Dominate 2016

The world is becoming increasingly mobile, and with each year, new and exciting trends emerge that change the landscape of the industry and business as whole. Companies are becoming increasingly mobile, and with vast networks of mobile devices and users, new technologies and trends are coming out to meet usability, efficiency, and security demands. Making sure your company is ready to take advantage of the mobility trends that will dominate 2016 is essential to harnessing the power that mobile technology offers. Here is what experts believe this year will have in store for us.

Further integration with the internet of things

The internet of things is a trend that will gain power in 2016. Simply put, the IOT is an interconnected web of devices around the world that can collect and exchange data seamlessly. Whereas the old concept of the web was a system of web pages that we surfed, the IOT is a web of devices in the physical world that continues to blend the real world with the digital. 2016 will see this trend become more widespread. Many companies have invested in it, but don’t understand how to deliver the right experiences to customers. Further understanding of how to connect our devices to web and deliver great customer experiences is what we can expect this year.

Increased focus on security

Security is the primary concern of companies and those that supply them with mobile services. Increased mobility means more data to be stored, hence higher security concerns. Security will have to deeply expand into areas such as social media and wearable technology, and look for companies to focus more on educating their workforces to be aware of threats. Mobile trends in 2016 will have to adapt to savvy criminals that will try to find ways around the increased security of data. With big data come big problems.

More apps for employees

2016 will certainly see an increase in the use of apps to help employees not only do their jobs better, but also live better lives. Apps will increasingly be used to do thing such as invoice, track travel expenses, keep track of time worked, plan work-related tasks, and even help employees live healthier lives. Having your workforce fully-equipped with the applications they need to do their jobs better will give your company a leg up on the competition.

The increasing power of mobile technology means that companies across the globe will continue to embrace it and move forward, but with that technology, new challenges will arise. Make sure you have the right telecom expense management company at your side to help you navigate this year in mobility.