Simplex Pricing

Simplex Mobility provides pricing options to accommodate businesses of all sizes and needs.

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MyServe Options

These are just some of the exciting tools available with Simplex Mobility. Ask your Simplex representative today for a live demo to see how these innovations can work for you.

MyServe Lite

A great fit for small and medium business accounts.
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    In Month Data Reporting
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    Customized Usage Alerts
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    Customized Scheduled Reporting
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    Data Pool Tracking
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    Journal Entry Reporting
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    Individual User Reports


Access the full suite of MyServe tools. Perfect for clients with an internal wireless management team
Everything included in Lite, plus...
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    Integrated Procurement Portal
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    Managerial Reporting
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    ITSM Integration
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    Single Sign On Integration
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    Service Now Application
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    Microsoft TEAM's Application

MyServe Managed

A hands-off approach to mobility. Allow the skilled Team at Simplex to Fully Manage your wireless program
Everything included in MyServe, plus...
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    Helpdesk For End Users
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    Data Pool Management
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    Procurement Management
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    MDM Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about pricing.

Do I need to have Simplex charge on all lines?

Simplex Mobility is an account level service. We charge for all lines on a particular account.

Does Simplex Mobility charge for Development?

Any custom project that is client specific and would not be able to be used on other Simplex Mobility clients would be charged a reasonable fee for development hours.

What if I have low cost IOT modems?

Simplex Mobility has custom pricing options for IOT Modems with low data usage.

Does Simplex Mobility Charge for Training?

No. Simplex Mobility provides ongoing training via Web Meeting at no cost. Should client need on site training charges may apply.

Can I have some lines on MyServe Managed and others on MyServe?

While not the norm, Simplex will address each of these types of setup on a case by case basis.

Does Simplex Mobility Re Negotiate my pricing in the Managed option?

No. Simplex Mobility does not manage the RFP process. However, we do act as a subject matter expert to ensure all proper questions are asked and you are armed with all relevant data to make a proper decision.

Does Simplex Mobility Charge an Onboarding Fee?

No. Simplex Mobility includes our onboarding program at no cost. Should there be anything required outside of our onboarding program we would charge a reasonable fee.

Are Discounts Available for Volume?

Simplex Mobility would review these requests on a case by case basis. As Simplex Mobility is already very competitively priced this is often not needed.

Custom solution for your Team

For clients with very specific needs, Simplex Mobility has a large team of developers that can help find solutions to your complex problems.

Banking Industry
5000+ Devices
Banking Industry

With Simplex's assistance we were able to get a custom ordering portal setup, that directly connected into Bell's e-ordering system. Which saved countless manual hours between us and Bell's team, making for a smoother process.

Simplify your company’s mobility today.

These add-ons will help further support and expand the tools needed for your mobile & wireline needs.