Save Time and Be More Efficient With Telecom Expense Management


Part of being a successful company in the modern world is about embracing the power of mobile connectivity, and using devices to link your employees in real time. But with these new technologies come new expenses, challenges, and responsibilities for the companies that undertake them.


Auditing your invoices, managing your network, and optimising your connectivity is the job of a good telecom expense management (TEM) company, but what it really comes down to is saving your company time and money. You can save time and become more efficient with the right telecom expense management company by your side. Here’s how:


TEM companies save time with decision making


There are a lot of difficult decisions involved in telecom expense management. It could be deciding whether or not to cancel lines, expand coverage or suspend privileges for certain users. All of these take time away from your core business, and often get thrown onto your very busy IT department. TEM companies can save you time by streamlining your decision making process, and providing you concrete data to make a sound choice.


TEM saves you time on invoice processing


One global insurance company realised it was paying a hefty sum in late fees each month due to invoice processing issues. This is a microcosm for industry issues. A great TEM partner will help reduce the average time it takes for an invoice to be processed. With extensive experience in the industry, we know exactly what to look for and how to spot errors. You won’t have to waste hours of time on each one.


It also automates processes!


Many processes that you used to delegate to an in-house employee will now be sent to a third party that will complete the task for you automatically. No more assigning employees to deal with providers, no more dedicating staff to processing payments, and no more time dedicated to analysis. Your efficiency will be increased simply by focusing your manpower on the most important aspects of your business.


The goal for any company when contracting an expense management company is to get help controlling costs and increase efficiency. Here at Simplex Mobility, we want you to know that our telecom expense management services not only save you money - they also save you time.