The Importance of Usage Monitoring in Telecom Expense Management

With the exponential growth of vast telecommunication networks and a rise in the number of employees using mobile devices, the sizes of data plans have become so large that companies cannot effectively monitor them on their own.

Not keeping an eye on the amount that employees are using voice, SMS, and data will end up costing a company a lot of money, but hiring workers especially for this is in-house is expensive, and diverting valuable resources away from other projects is not always possible.

Telecom expense management companies understand this, and that’s why we’re here to help monitor all devices and provide key alerts.

Why do telecom expense management companies monitor usage?

The issue with monitoring usage that companies encounter is that not monitoring usage will lead to waste and potential employee abuse of company plans, but paying a team of employees in-house to monitor usage usually ends up costing more than the penalties for exceeding data limits. The job of a good telecom expense management actually applies to both ends of the usage spectrum. What we mean by that is…

Too much or too little?

There are two issues that companies run into in terms of their telecom plans. They are:

●      Exceeding limits - constant employee usage for legitimate business or sometimes abuse for personal use can lead to costly overage charges, and monitoring the usage is the only way to prevent this. A telecom expense management company will keep you updated on what your company’s usage looks like.

●      Paying too much for unused data - the other side of the coin, and the one that is rarely thought of by companies, is overpaying. Sometimes companies buy massive plans only to be surprised when we show them how little they are using. We can give you a fuller picture so that you know exactly how large of a plan you need.

Telecom expense management alerts

The way that a great TEM company helps you save money in this regard is that we keenly monitor the voice, SMS, and data usage of your company, and can set thresholds that either alert you to non-compliance, or set thresholds that automatically remove user profiles once a certain threshold is reached. On the other end of the spectrum, we will alert you when we notice a plan that is too large for your company, and advise you on the best plan for you.

Telecommunication networks are too vast in the modern business world for companies to keep an eye on alone. Going over usage thresholds costs a lot of money, and so does paying too much for a plan you aren’t fully using. That’s why getting a telecom expense management to provide key usage monitoring is becoming more popular by the day.